Covid Plan for Safe Re-opening !! New normal will feel a bit different in the treatment room.

1. YES all clients and service providers will wear masks in the salon at this time. 

2. In addition to wearing a mask 😷 I will be wearing a shield , as well as gloves for the entire appointment.
and every client will lay under the plexiglass unless we are doing something unrelated to the face .

3.I have a door to the backyard that I will be opening between clients and will proceed to nano mist with steam (cavicide/H2o in the tank)and ultraviolet light the room plus wipe everything down with barbacide wipes and air the room out for at least 30 -45 mins between appointments. 

4. I have a medical grade air purifier next to the bed and the salon has larger ones in each room . 

5. We will do a touchless temperature check at the door on all clients and anyone with a temperature over 100 will be asked to reschedule. 

6. I will ask that you reschedule if you are having symptoms of Covid or have been in contact with someone who tested positive in the past 14 days.

7. If you’re feeling apprehensive at all know that we are too, and are doing everything we can to keep everyone safe , us and you . 

#welcomeback #thankyou#lifeaftercovid