Pico Toner at home micro current

Pico Toner at home micro current

The PICO Toner™ is the only personal toner on the market today that allows for multiple output accessory attachments. The Pico Toner comes standard with the highest quality Silver Toning gloves available today. You have the option to add toning probes and or facial toning pads to personalize your treatment needs. The toning gloves allows for more surface area to be treated as the probes can be used to treat fine areas. Use the Facial toning pads as a static treatment to focus on areas over the eye or nasolabial folds.

Not all microcurrent devices are considered the same. The advanced technology of the Pico Toner is dependent on the sophistication of engineering that takes place between the battery and the output accessories used (Gloves, Probes or Pads).

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